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Official ADC Debate Tournament is about to start! We are really glad to announce the start of Karl Popper Debate for the year 2017. Participate, show your debating skills, become champion, and win super prize by our center! There are prizes for three nominations: The Champion Team, The Best Debator, and The Best Speaker!

To enter the tournament, you firstly need to make sure you have a team of three. Fill in an application from one of the ADC branch receptions, list your team name and members on the form. Then, pay the 10,000 SUMs entrance fee (for each member). We will then send you the times and dates you will play at. When you receive these, you will need to call and confirm with our administrator that you can attend all the dates. Once you have done this, we will also send you an invitation to the orientation event, where you will be explained rules and regulations of the tournament.

Karl Popper Debate results after the 1st round, group stage:
1. Altruists (122) vs Butterfly (78) [Topic 4]
2. Comrades (94) vs SND (86) [Topic 20]
3. OOO Snipers (88) vs Phoenix (86) [Topic 47]
4. Freedom Speakers (84) vs Philosophers (72) [Topic 12]
5. Futurists (83) vs Paradise (44) [Topic 44]
6. Eminent Ladies (71 points) vs Unexpected Guests (46) [Topic 30]
7. Aliens (64) vs Brotherhood (56) [Topic 14]
8. Golden (56) vs Young Generations of Uzbekistan (38) [Topic 13]

Results of 2nd round debates:
1. The Freedom Speakers (114) vs Aliens (87) [Topic 10]
2. Altruists (93) vs Futurists (78) [Topic 5]
3. Golden (92) vs Eminent Ladies (78.5) [Topic 8]
4. Comrades (83.5) vs OOOSnipers (82) [Topic 16]

According to drawing results the following teams are going to play against each other in Semi-Final:
1. Altruists vs The Freedom Speakers (19 July, Main Office)
2. Golden vs Comrades (20 July, Main Office)