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ADC Library


ADC Eski shahar library.

Our newly opened library offers you wide range of opportunities to improve your academic skills. Today in our library you can find precious English, Russian and German literary and textbooks. Also, World’s famous up-to-date newspapers and magazines are available. If you want to prepare and practice IELTS, TOEFL and GMAT tests, the library is best place for it. If you are looking for universities or need access to the internet for academic purposes, enjoy our free WIFI available in the library zone.

Moreover, there is a TV room in the library where you can be in touch with daily worldwide news from famous channels like BBC, CNN and Euronews. Furthermore, as for fun, enjoy watching HD English movies and cartoons on your choice.

Besides the library materials, you can also take part in different clubs, such as, in Debate, Guess lectures, Readers club, music and movie clubs. These clubs are totally free and held every week.

The library is open on week days from 9:00 to 17:00. For more information, please contact our reception.

Tel: 74 225 25 36 .

We’re truly proud to be part of the Andijan Development Non-Government Educational Institution where quality meets excellence!

Library Rules:

  • Be quite.
  • Don’t shout.
  • Take care of books.
  • Respect library members and staff.
  • Don’t write or draw on the books.
  • Chewing gum stops at the door.