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ADC Courses

Computer basics 60 Days

Beginners computer course.

You can learn basics of computer and get experience with working Microsoft Office package including Word, Excel, Power Point and more.

1C Accounting 60 Days

Professional accountant course.

Be a part of sophisticated accountants by knowing latest trending software - 1C Buxgalteriya- learn both basics and high levels of accounting.

Informatics test preparation 60 Days

University test preparation.

University informatics which is included in math and basics of programming languages - we will make sure you never fail informatics side of testing system.

Adobe Photoshop 60 Days

Professional photoshop course.

Adobe Photoshop - latest professional graphics software for working with photography and pixel graphics. Learn and create your own Photo Shop.

Kids graphics 60 Days

Colourful course for youth.

Kids creating beautiful computer graphics - enjoyable and beneficial for their future. Bring your child and open doors for him to the world of colorful graphics.

Autodesk AutoCAD 60 Days

Introduction to AutoCAD.

Engineering, architectural and any other professional drawings in our AutoCad course - never let lines cross your borders..