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Tourism and Hospitality 60 Days

English for Specific Purposes.

Course Information

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  • Total Students 16
  • Course Duration 8 Weeks
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Do you like travelling? Would you like to travel much in future?

Have you ever dreamed to start a career in one of the most rapidly developing and interesting industries as Tourism and Hospitality?

Aren’t you tired of paying money to interpreters and travel agencies?

If the answer is ‘yes’, welcome to our English for Specific Purposes: Tourism and Hospitality Course.

Who is this course for?

English for Specific Purposes: Tourism and Hospitality is designed for students who are interested in developing English language skills for a working holiday, professional internship or a career in the tourism or hospitality industries.

What does this course focus on?

The course focuses on developing English language skills through topics of general interest as well as through themes related specifically to the tourism and hospitality industries.

During the course, you will:

  • -Know stories of real people talking about their work in tourism
  • -Find out tourism projects and internet research
  • -Practice in writing for tourism
  • -Know special vocabulary
  • -Get online resources for further practice

What will this course enable you to do?

  • -Improve your overall English communication skills
  • -Develop English language skills for working in the tourism and hospitality industries
  • -Develop your knowledge and understanding of tourism and hospitality and the communication skills needed to work in these industries

You must have at least Intermediate level of English to participate in the course

Course Outline

Daytime Course Start Course End  
1. Morning 09:00 10:30  
2. Morning 10:30 12:00  
3. Afternoon 14:00 15:30  
4. Afternoon 15:30 17:00  
5. Evening 17:00 18:30