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ADC Events

Kiberiada 2018

Cyber sports by ADC - Counter Strike, C++ Programming, Touch Typing, Video Editing, Rubik's Cube, Chess.

Counter Strike - 64 teams, maps were selected by the software which was made in ADC. Winners - WBG team

C++ - all best programmers from Uzbekistan challenged each other in 2 hours. Timing software was made in CyberDesign computers. Winner - Mahmudov Muhammadxon.

Touch Typing - special software calculated the speed and accuracy. Winner - Bahodirov Baxtiyor

Video Editing - specially for us participants created and edited video where our flier was shown. Winner - Komilov Kamoldin.

Rubik's cube - speedcubers challenged each other and at this tournament, new record was made - 16 seconds. Winner - Rahmatullin Kamil.

Chess - And the last, but not the least - game of mind - Chess. Best Andijan Chess champions played with each other. Winner - Xasanjonov Xasanboy.

And our cyber team, who we show our gratitude for helping with arrangement!